Texas Hold’em Questions Part 2

  1. What does it take to become a pro poker player? Years ago, this answer would be rebutted with a simple smile and a quick explanation. A Lot of practice, and a sixth sense. These days, we often see players winning the World Series of Poker that are amateurs. What exactly makes a great player? Fortitude, guts, nerves of steal? These days, we are more inclined to say luck. Whatever it takes, understanding the very structure of the game is required for anyone to win in the long run – which leads us to the next commonly asked Texas Hold’em question.
  2. Is it true that if you go with the math on every decision when playing this game that you cannot lose in the long run? No. But, if you ask enough mathematical Texas Hold’em players this question, you will find that many of them will disagree and say yes. Keep in mind, there is so much more to the game of poker than simple percentages. There are several situations where math just cannot aid you.
  3. What is a dominated Texas Hold’em hand? Well, say you are holding an A-K and one of your opponents has an A-Q. This means you have dominated this player. You two have a card in common, the ace, but your other card (your kicker) is superior to your opponents other card. There are only 3 other cards that can save your opponent here.
  4. What is an overcardOvercards are cards higher than the ones you are holding. If you are holding a pair of kings and the flop shows an A-6-2, an overcard has shown on the board. It is the ace; it is an overcard to your kings. Additionally, if you are holding a pair of nines and the flop is 8-5-3, you are holding an overpair to the board.
  5. How can I play against the toughest player at the table? Very cautiously. You need to make certain of one thing – the first time you go heads up, make sure you win. Make sure you have a hand you can bet aggressively with and one that you can re-raise with if this person raises your bet. Nerves of steel here; do not get thrown under the bus.
  6. What do I do when an overcard hits the turn? It is not the end of things necessarily. Don’t get fearful yet. Bet strong. If players are checking the turn, their hands are weak. Weak bets at this point mean weak hands.
  7. What is an overlay? To explain this the easiest way we can, here is an example for you. Say you are playing in an online casino Texas Hold’em tourney. You are one of the top 100 players and the tourney has 400 players playing in it. If 300 of them have no chance, you have a 99 to 1 shot of winning the online casino tourney. If you do win, you will be paid much better than 99 to 1 on your entry fee. This is an overlay – not to mention a great bet.
  8. How can I find a reputable online casino poker room? There are thousands of online casino poker sites out there and finding the best one can be time consuming. In order to find great poker rooms at online casinos, read casino reviews from casino portal sites. There are many online casino review sites out there. Just about all of the casinos on the Internet these days are totally licensed and insured. They are regulated by casino advocate groups who have independent third party audits. These audits are run on almost daily basis at most online casinos. If you check out this site’s home page, you will find a handful of extremely reputable and popular online casinos that provide the best services you will possibly find on the Net.
  9. Does player position matter at online casinos? Playing position and pot odds are huge online. Let these things guide you when playing online. Look at the pot. A good bet is a good bet, whether you are at an online casino or in Vegas.
  10. How is it that pro players can be so cool, calm, and collected when risking staggering amounts of money on a stone cold bluff? This is because they are simply confident with their decision to do so at that certain time. Win or lose, they are convinced that they have made the right decision and can live with the result – no matter what it is. This is why their conduct is so relaxed and natural.

Now that we have covered all the most commonly asked questions surrounding Texas Hold’em, you can feel like you have a pretty good grasp on the intelligence behind this great game. You will find that taking the needed time to study this game will not only help you play much better, but you will have the basic knowledge that exudes confidence when playing. Thus, you will be a happier player, a healthier player, and all these things lead to more winning.