More Texas Hold’em Quick Facts

In the last article we covered Texas Hold’em Quick Facts. Because this wildly popular online casino game has so many facets to it, we are covering More Quick Facts for our online casino article readers. Texas Hold’em is not the hardest casino game to play when online gambling, but it is complex and there are many interesting situations and facts regarding this game that we want to go over for you. Whether you are playing this casino game online at an online casino, home with friends and family, or at a casino on land, these next Texas Hold’em game play facts will certainly help.

The first article, Texas Hold’em Quick Facts, covered the game as a whole entity, whereas this article will cover facts about the flop through the river – then some general facts that we want you to get a hold of and understand.

While it is not necessary for you to read our first Texas Hold’em Quick Facts article to understand this one, we do recommend that you read it at some point. Again, this online casino game is complex, and to play it to the best of your abilities, you will want to study this casino game in depth. In general, for many of these facts to make a lot of sense to you, we recommend that you read our Gambling Tips section that outlines how to play this game first.

Here are the More Texas Hold’em Quick Facts:

–          The more poker players who end up seeing the flop (meaning, they didn’t fold after the first two cards were dealt to them), the greater the power of the drawing hands and the less the power of the high pairs.

–          All flops that do not have three of a kind or a pair will have possible straight draws. An exception to this would be a flop of Q-72, K-8-3, K-8-2, and K-7-2.

–          With and open ended straight flush draw, you actually are the favored player to make your hand. In this situation, you have 15 different outs and a respectable 54% shot at completing your hand. This is a great example of how complex this online casino game can be. Having the ability to understand this type of playing fact will increase you success when playing this game anywhere.

–          In the turn, if you bet the pre-flop and the flop, and then check the turn, you will no doubt be revealing that you have A-K or A-Q.

–          In the turn, unless there is a raise war going on, you need to have pot odds in order to stay in the game for the river card if you had the odds to see the turn itself.

–          In the turn, if the community cards show a pair, are you concerned about three of a kind? Did you put another player in the game on the pair, or a draw? The more opponents left in the game, the greater the chance that one of them pulled out three of a kind.

–          If there is a pair showing in the community cards at this point in the game (the turn), and you are looking for a straight or flush to complete your hand, be weary. There is a very good chance that your opponent already has their trips.

–          Good playing during the river is determined by your smarts and understanding of your opponents. Your ability to guess accurately about their cards is important in order to navigate this part of Hold’em properly. This makes us all scratch our heads wondering why this part of the game is called easy street.