More Texas Hold’em Quick Facts Part 2

–          If expert players have weaknesses, it is very apparent when they drop down from higher limit games. In the habit of folding a bunch of hands, experts can be prone to a bluff and give players’ holdings more credit than they deserve. Other experts play much to loose at the lower limit tables, this is where they lose.

–          If you are a Texas Hold’em player that can’t decide between playing with a conservative image and a wild image, always choose the wild image. Your opponents will find it much harder to read you when you are flamboyant then they will when you are a conservative player.

–          The actual word poker comes from the French word pocher – which means bluff. Some say it comes from the German word pochen – which means to brag or boast. The component of bluff was the essence of the game from the very start. If you think about it, with any real meaningful risks, poker would be a snoozer.

–          Try using dominance in the majority of the hands you are playing – hoping it will spread to the game as a whole. Remember, you are not going to win every hand. Sometimes you will sit back and fold, call or even bluff. Just remember, poker is all about winning the most money not the most pots. If you stay in a hand too long with a hand that has no business being played out, you won’t get respect, you will lose money though.

–          When playing Texas Hold’em at high limit online casinos or anywhere for that matter, many players express that, for the most part, if a hand is worth calling a bet with, it’s worth a raise. If it is not worth a raise – it is not worth a call – not in high limit games anyway.

–          If you are playing a home games with very tight players, or player, that never bets until they have a great hand – all the other players will just fold and the tight player will not win any big pots.

–          If you find yourself playing in an online casino Hold’em tourney, or any Texas Hold’em tourney – to beat out hundreds of players , you will have to survive at least one bad beat – and even beat someone with the same at least once.

–          When playing in online casino tourneys, be cautious at first; pick your battles and spots well. Remember, you can’t win the tourney early – but can bust out of it early.

–          When playing no-limit Hold’em, you always want to live to fight another day when you can get your money in the pot when you know you have the best of it.

–          At land based casinos, a bluff is a big production, a bold move where body language is evident. At online casinos, it is a simple click of your mouse. Remember, it can be much easier to get in over budget when at online casinos in this situation. There are other ways to track a player’s body language at online casinos. Try taking notes from each of the regular players you are playing against. By doing this, you will be able to remember what kind of player they are.

–          When playing this casino game at online casinos, stay away from short handed games until you are certain of your abilities as a player. If you don’t, you will be forced to play too many hands and the rollercoaster effect it has on bankrolls can be more than you can swing.

–          At online casinos, many Hold’em players are prone to overvaluing the small and medium pocket pairs. In no limit games, these pairs can put you in a corner – one that needs a lot of finesse to get out of. You have to be able to play these types of hands very well at online casinos.

Now that you have been introduced to an additional line of thinking when it comes to Texas Hold’em you will be much better prepared when playing this fun but complex casino game. Whether you play at online casinos or with friend, on a cruise, or in Vegas, the above helpful facts about Texas Hold’em will increase your game play success when taken to heart. This game is all about the money, but fun is free.

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